Nano Eyebrows- 5 FAQs

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Nano Eyebrows…what are those?

I wanted to take the time to create this post & silly video for two reasons. Reason number one is, to help clarify some misconceptions about what Nano Eyebrows are. The second reason is to get more information out there so that clients and anyone looking to get Nano Eyebrows can make informed decisions on which technique is right for them.

Ever since I started doing permanent makeup I realized just how much confusing information is on the web when it comes to the proper explanation of Nano Eyebrows VS Microblading. This post is about the 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Nano Eyebrows so I’ll go ahead and explain the difference between the two some other day.

Here are the 5 FAQs for Nano Eyebrows

Question 1: What are Nano Eyebrows?

Nano Eyebrows are Hair Stroke Eyebrows that have been created using a fine single-point needle and a permanent makeup device or tattoo machine which implants the pigment into the skin and creates multiple dots which connect to mimic a natural hair stroke. This is the least invasive technique currently available in the Permanent Makeup industry.

Question 2: Does it hurt?

There can be slight discomfort for some but most clients rate the pain level at a 2-3 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extreme pain). I use two topical anesthetics to help with the procedure. The first anesthetic goes on before the procedure starts and the second one goes on once the skin is broken. On rare occasions there are people who are genetically do not respond to the “caine” family such as, lidocaine, novocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine, etc.. These clients still report the pain level at 4-5 which is still very tolerable. I have never had a client ask me to stop the procedure.

Question 3: Do I have to shave my eyebrows?

No its not necessary. It’s actually better if you come in with unruly eyebrows because it really allows me to mimic your natural hair pattern which blends the new strokes seamlessly. Clients with ZERO eyebrows are totally fine for Nano Eyebrows too but usually require a little bit of shading with the strokes (Hybrid Brows).

Question 4: How long do Nano Eyebrows last?

This technique usually lasts about 2-3 years. I usually recommend my clients to come in every 2 years for a color refresher but they can go up to 3 years if they choose to. Some people really like the freshly tattooed eyebrow look so they come in every 1.5 years for the color refresher.

Question 5: Who is a good candidate for Nano Eyebrows?

Just about everyone! The best part about this technique is that its such a minimally invasive procedure that keeps the skin intact which allows it to heal beautifully. This is the future of Hair Stroke Eyebrows where skin integrity is at the forefront of Permanent Makeup.

Nano Eyebrows 5 FAQs