Brow Mapping: Facial Muscles & Brow Symmetry

Published by Claudia Craft on

Ever wonder why one brow never seems to come out right? No matter how hard you try or how many times you check to see if the length, thickness and arch are identical? The problem could be deeper than you think! No, I’m not getting all philosophical here, I literally mean skin deep. Well, muscle deep to be exact.

I’m sure you’ve heard that eyebrows are supposed to be sisters and not twins? Well what if I told you that sometimes eyebrows are in fact sisters and one of the sisters has split personalities!

The thing is that, eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes. As professionals we can use every measuring tool or technique to get your brows as symmetrical as possible during the pre-drawing or brow mapping process. We take our time and always take a few things into serious consideration when doing so. The one thing we really can’t do much about are the muscles that are responsible for eyebrow movements. These muscles are called the frontalis muscles. Below is a video of these muscles working their magic on already pre-drawn eyebrows.

In cases of asymmetrical frontalis dominance, we have to think of the long term effects of permanent makeup and decisions you will have to make moving forward. I typically ask clients if they have or will ever have botox in the future. I ask this because this is one simple option that they may want to consider before going through with the eyebrow procedure. Another option I offer my clients is allow me to slightly compensate on each brow so that when the eyes are open, the eyebrows will appear level.

corrected high low eyebrows

The last and final option I offer is just not getting the brows done at all. I know, crazy right?! If the client doesn’t want a slight adjustment and doesn’t get botox or ever will, then they would have to be okay with the natural movement of their brows and live with one brow being more sassy than the other. If a client decides that she cannot live with slightly asymmetrical eyebrows that simply means she is not a good candidate for permanent eyebrows (not from me of course).

Hopefully this has brought some insight to anyone who is considering getting Nano Eyebrows, Hybrid Eyebrows, Ombre or Powder Eyebrows. Remember that permanent makeup is not a one size fits all and if you’re not 100% “in” then don’t do it. You’ve only got one face mama!