“One on one” training and “two on one” training available for already working professionals.

Techniques Available

Nano Hair Stroke Brows: 3 day training.

Stardust Ombré Brows:  2 day training.

All Brow Techniques : (Nano Hair Stroke, Stardust Ombré & Hybrid) 4 day training.

Lips: 2 day training.

Lash Line Enhancement: 2 day training.

All PMU Techniques: 12 day training (2 days home study).

I do offer customizable one on one training schedules for those who are unable to train multiple consecutive days in a row. Please contact for more info.



•Color theory & skin tone/undertone, pigment selection.

•Brow mapping, various stroke patterns, various brow designs, skin depth, procedure rhythm, and latex practice.

•Safety & sanitation with ideal set up/break down.

• Consultation process, aftercare and healing process.

• Live demos, multiple model practice, critique and certification.

• Includes lifelong continued mentoring so you can reach out with any questions or obstacles you may have.

• Youll have one day of shadowing within the first six months of training.


A 50% registration fee is required to complete enrollment. This is a non-refundable and non transferable registration fee which is required to reserve your training date. The rest of the amount will be due via PayPal, Venmo, in cash, credit or debit one week before training. Please contact directly for information on class tuition.


For students who are unable to pay the full cost of training, I do offer information on ZERO interest installment plans. You can also finance your education through PayPal. Contact me for more information.


Additional Information

**All permanent makeup kits contain enough product for 10 clients. The kit also includes consent forms (as well as product supplier lists/links). All training has a “no kit” option as well.

I will supply models for your training but it’s always good to have a backup. You can also let me know ahead of time if you prefer to bring your own models instead of me bringing them in for you.

You do not need a cosmetologist or esthetician’s license for permanent makeup. I strongly urge that you at the very least have some form of aesthetic background or artist background before contacting or enrolling.

The requirements you’ll need for pmu is a Blood Borne Pathogens certificate. Which needs to be attained before the first day of training. I will show you how to get this before your training day because you will not be able to train without it.

Once you find a location that you will be working at, you will need to obtain a health permit for the county you will be working in and pmu insurance. It is your responsibility to do so in the county you will practice in.

Talk with you soon,